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Carol and Edna

Carol & Edna by Linda S. Bowlby, M.D.
Carol and Edna, a lesbian couple, died in 2005 at the ages of 75 and 92, respectively. But, for more than 45 years, these two women occupied the same residence in a Catholic, blue-collar neighborhood near downtown Oklahoma City. To use a country descriptor, Carol and Edna were a couple of pistols. In addition, the women's families and long-time friends and neighbors were of similar ilk.

However, Carol and Edna lived outwardly as heterosexuals, which significantly affected their individual and collective psyches.  Carol and Edna's story is poignant and filled with rich characterological studies from which anyone can draw in their life's journey.

ISBN # 10:0-9779993-3-5
ISBN # 13:978-0-9779993-3-0
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Red Earth Wisdom

Red Earth Wisdom by Linda S. Bowlby, M.D.
In our increasingly complex and complicated world, we often forget life's simple pleasures and the feelings they give us. For too long, our society has taught that more is better and that perfection can be attained for a price. Dr. Linda Bowlby believes this philosophy hampers self-healing and  henders one from discovering life's most enriching experiences.

Red Earth Wisdom
reminds us to look for and listen to all of God's messengers and teachers, which abound in nature, in our pets, in our origins and in ourselves.  In Red Earth Wisdom, Dr. Bowlby uses a holistic approach and shifts our perspectives to positive, loving, and life-affirming thoughts, which will heal us and ultimately heal the planet.

ISBN # 0-9779993-0-0
Price: $15.95

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Red Earth Woman

Red Earth Woman by Linda S. Bowlby, M.D.
Red Earth Woman is the story of Dr. Linda Bowlby's journey from the depths of suicidal depression to emotional, mental and spiritual healing. As a child coming of age in rural Oklahoma, Dr. Bowlby was satanically abused. However, it wasn't until many years and self-destructive behaviors later that she remembered her trauma and felt her rage, fear, and pain.

With help, Dr. Bowlby found the source of all healing, power and love--God. In her quest to help others, as a survivor and a practicing psychiatrist, she now knows that her trauma was a gift and, regardless of the severity of ones trauma, healing is possible.

ISBN # 0-9779993-1-9

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Renaissance Woman

Renaissance Woman by Linda S. Bowlby, M.D.
Dr. Bowlby begins Renaissance Woman with the question, "In a society where men are often complimented as 'Renaissance men,' why is there no equivalent phrase, 'Renaissance woman?'"

Since adolescence, Dr. Bowlby has studied art history and equates the word "Renaissance," with art and the Italian Renaissance, which was a revival of the art of Classical Greece. Therefore, she begins her search by examining the art and social structures of Ancient Greece. Next, she examines the transitional period of the Middle Ages, its social structure, and the attitudes of the Church's "founding fathers" toward women. This is followed by an exploration of the art and social structure of the Italian Renaissance. Dr. Bowlby's search lays bare the roots of our patriarchal and often misogynistic society.

In Part II of the book, Dr. Bowlby elucidates positive historical models and messages to guide women in the third millennium. This segment explores the annals of wisdom women and warrior women. It also explores the Goddess cultures of the Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods, with the former beginning in 35,000 B.C. In about 4,000 B.C., these peaceful and egalitarian Goddess cultures began to be invaded and subjugated by warring patriarchal tribes, whose gender attitudes continue to persist into the 21st century.

Finally, for guides in the restoration of gender equality and the sacred balance of the masculine and feminine, Dr. Bowlby looks at the early Church, the suppressed Gnostic Gospels, and the possible relationship between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene.

Renaissance Woman is a comprehensive study of women's history and is punctuated by works of art. Renaissance Woman is a rich resource for any reader interested in history or art as well as an invaluable tool for women's studies programs.

ISBN 0-9779993-2-7
Price: $28.95

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Red Earth Children's Books
by Linda S. Bowlby, M.D.

This "Red Earth" series is devoted to teaching children, ages 2 through 12, principles of wisdom and truth. The wisdom of teachers and historical figures as well as the wisdom found in simple life events are woven into stories that will capture a child's imagination and plant consciousness-expanding seeds. Since children are our world’s future, it is Dr. Bowlby's hope that the" Red Earth Children's Books" will aid in their evolution and foster planetary healing.
Here are brief descriptions of the titles:

Red Earth Woman

Future Hope
Future Hope begins with a parent-teacher conference regarding a fight between two third-grade boys, Andre and Jerome. As a result, the boys learn to appreciate the rich traditions of all cultures. Through their questions on inter-racial blending, they discover most people are from more than one cultural background. Andre and Jerome are taught that they, and other children like them, are the future hope for the end of prejudice.


ISBN 10# 0-9779993-6-X
ISBN 13# 978-0-9779993-6-1

Price: $9.95

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Red Earth Woman

How Amazon Got Her Name
One day, a yellow Manx kitten adopted Mrs. Bee. To better understand her new furry friend, Mrs. Bee studied the history of Manx cats. Mrs. Bee knew no ordinary name would suit the kitten. As the kitten grew, she proved to be a mighty huntress, so she was given the name of the ancient, warrior women, "Amazon."



ISBN 10# 0-9779993-7-8
ISBN 13# 978-0-9779993-7-8
Price: $9.95

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Red Earth Woman

Is That So
Grandpa Joe owns a livery stable in the Indian Territory. By the simple statement, "Is that so," he teaches his grandchildren, Jessica and Joey, not to judge others but to look for the positive in every life situation.



ISBN 10# 0-9779993-5-1
ISBN 13# 978-0-9779993-5-4

Price: $9.95

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Red Earth Woman

Nasaria's Family
Twenty-five years ago, Nasaria and her husband, Mayolo, immigrated to the United States, with their young family of eight children. Nasaria's family continues to honor their Mexican heritage and traditions. The family now includes many grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Ever aware of the importance of family, they gather in Nasaria and Mayolo's home to celebrate birthdays and holidays. The text is bilingual, in Spanish and English.


ISBN 10# 0-9779993-9-4
ISBN 13# 978-0-9779993-9-2

Price: $10.95

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Red Earth Woman

Nentuk's New Family
In ancient times, warring, nomadic tribes from the Russian steppes invaded and conquered the peace-loving people of Old Europe. Among one tribe was a motherless boy, Nentuk, and his father, Kardak. Kardak observed the ways of the Old European women and selected Mary to be his wife. Mary and her daughter, Elizabeth, taught Nentuk and Kardak a new way to look at life and the Earth.


ISBN 10# 0-9779993-8-6
ISBN 13# 978-0-9779993-8-5

Price: $9.95

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Red Earth Woman

The Rock Garden
In the rock garden, Rose and Crystal argue over who is the prettiest. Their neighbors, Woody, Sandy, Red and Stripe, get in on the debate, even though they secretly envy each other. Finally, the wise raven, Sam, teaches the rocks his mother's lesson. As a young black bird, Sam felt plain compared to the birds with red, green, blue and yellow feathers. Sam's mother taught him and his brothers and sisters that, in their own way, each of them was beautiful and special. However, Sam's mother added, it is not what you look like that makes you special but what is in your heart.

ISBN 10# 0-9779993-4-3
ISBN 13# 978-0-9779993-4-7

Price: $9.95

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