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Q. How will this book contribute to social healing? 

A. Our society has many thoughts, which result in feelings of fear and hatred, which manifest as destructive behaviors. 

Out of fear and a need for security within their chosen path, tribe, mind-set, etc., many condemn the thoughts, beliefs, physical features, ad infinitum of others. Throughout time the world's stage has witnessed the results of fear and anger, the latter of which is just fear in hiding. 

The fear that ones basic needs may go unmet has justified theft, greed and wars. 

The fear of the unknown or the "different" has justified racism, wars and genocide. 

The need to maintain power and control and the fear of not being "religiously correct" and, therefore, the fear of not going to "heaven" or the desired location in the afterlife, has justified religious bigotry, inter-faith condemnation and religious wars. In the name of religion and "God," the world has witnessed Christianity's Crusades against the "Infidel," the torture and deaths of the Inquisition and the current turmoil in the Middle-East. 

The fear of women and their sexuality has resulted in men controlling, imprisoning, mutilating and killing them. 

The condemnation of homosexuality on "religious principles," and the fear of ones sexual identity, has justified the marginalization, persecution and murder of gays and lesbians. 

Carol and Edna's lives portray the impact of social stigmatization on any group, for whatever reason. For social healing, we all must look at all members of the human community with the eyes of compassion, love and kindness.  

We are all souls inhabiting a physical body. We have been placed on the planet to evolve spiritually and to help others evolve spiritually. For life on the planet to continue, we each must embrace, with kindness and love, all members of the human community. 

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