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The Silver IPPY in the Women's Issues Category was awarded to Dr. Bowlby and Red Earth Publishing for Renaissance Woman at the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards held on June 3, 2007 in New York.
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Linda Mackenzie interviewed Dr. Bowlby on the Creative Health and Spirit Radio Show on Sept. 25, 2007. For more information about Linda Mackenzie log on to

Dr. Bowlby was interviewed by Rob McConnell of Ontario, Canada on the "X" Zone radio show on Sept. 21, 2007. For more information log on to or

Dr. Bowlby was interviewed by Donna Seebo on Sept. 21, 2007. Find out more about Donna Seebo at and

Dr. Bowlby was interviewed on the Rod Murray Show on the Voice of America on August 28, 2007.
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The Jordan Rich Show on WBZ Newsradio 1030AM in Boston interviewed Dr. Bowlby as its featured guest on Sept. 2, 2007. To find out more log on to or

AM930 WEOL in Cincinnatti featured Dr. Bowlby on its Les in the Morning show on August 10, 2007. To listen to an archive log on to

  Dr. Bowlby was interviewed on The Frankie Boyer Show on August 3, 2007 on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network. For more information about Frankie Boyer log on

On July 30, 2007, Dr. Bowlby appeared on After Midnight with Rick Barber on Clearchannel Radio station KOA-850AM in Chicago. For more information, log on to

Dr. Bowlby joined host Bennett Marks of Empowerment Radio on March 6, 2007 for some meaningful dialog about the substance of her book Red Earth Wisdom.

The show aired March 8, 2007 on KKNW. Find out more about the Bennett Marks show a

  Dr. Bowlby was interviewed on the Laura Lee Show on March 5th, 2007. Discussion included topics from her
latest title, Renaissance Woman. Visit the show archives at


Dr. Linda Bowlby is available as a guest speaker for a diverse range of groups and conferences.

Within the context of the "Red Earth" books, Dr. Bowlby is prepared to conduct one-day workshops. The purpose of these gatherings will be to focus on methods to transcend one's personal pain and to transform one's life. The workshops will be interactive explorations on all realms of healing.

Participants will discuss the impact of anger, fear, pain and a diverse range of compulsive-addictive behaviors on their bodies, minds and spirits. Various healing avenues, including inner-child work, the twelve-step program recovery model, the power of love and positive thought, meditation and prayer, will be explored. These gatherings are not lectures or power-point presentations.

It is Dr. Bowlby's intent and hope that the participants' time together will be an experience of evolving consciousness and all will leave in a greater state of peace and harmony.

She is also available for one-day workshops to discuss her book, Renaissance Woman, and interactively explore the historical treatment of women and the messages within which women have been bound. Participants will explore positive role models found in the annals of warrior women and wisdom women and in the Goddess cultures as well as the peaceful and loving means for restoration of the sacred balance of the masculine and feminine.

Fees for workshops will vary according to location. Please contact Linda Bowlby, M.D. at  for more information or to schedule a workshop. Also, this page will be updated frequently with a listing of Dr. Bowlby's upcoming speaking engagements.

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