Holistic Healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit | Linda S. Bowlby M.D.

Red Earth Publishing and its founder, Linda S. Bowlby, M.D., are dedicated to the holistic healing of its readers on all levels of their bodies, minds and spirits. Dr. Bowlby's books of adult nonfiction, her children's books, her screenplays and her blog encompass a broad range of healing principles and techniques.

In the healing of one person at a time, healing will extend to our social structures and our planet. To this endeavor, Dr. Linda Bowlby and Red Earth Publishing are deeply committed.

Dr. Bowlby has ten Availabe Titles for purchase. These include four books of adult nonfiction; Carol and Edna, Red Earth Woman, Red Earth Wisdom and Renaissance Woman. Her six children's books are titled; Future Hope, How Amazon Got Her Name, Is That So, Nasaria's Family, Nentuk's New Family and The Rock Garden.

Within Upcoming Titles, Dr. Bowlby has three adult-nonfiction books. Her book, Ivey Hayes: The Art of Living, is completed and will be published in 2014. Her books, Chance Meetings, Can Heal Your Life and Beyond the Red Earth: The Journey of the Soul, are works in progress. Dr. Bowlby has numerous children's stories in various stages of completion. Also, she is considering her first piece of fiction, Oklahoma Central.

Dr. Bowlby's Blog, Rolling Commentaries / Make a Difference, addresses a broad range of individual and social issues. Her piercing observations of social and human behaviors are often accompanied by potential healing solutions, which include alternate choices of thoughts, behaviors and world views.

Today's media can advance or deter the holistic healing of humankind. Dr. Bowlby is adamantly committed to the former. She is currently adapting three of her books into Screenplays. They include Carol's Story, Ivey Hayes and Red Earth Woman.

Holistic healing of our bodies, minds, spirits and the planet is made one choice at a time. Dr. Bowlby invites you to view her world, thoughts and healing choices.


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